At 3 Monkeys, there is something for everyone.  You will find a variety of antiques, re-purposed furniture, flea market finds and arts and crafts.  

Each month, we like to spotlight one of our vendors and their collection.  This month, Susan Shane, takes the spotlight.  

Susan has just returned from Europe after 16 years abroad.  Her booth consists mostly of collectibles but her primary focus is on custom glass art.  Have an idea or request?  Susan takes commissions upon request.  Below you will see some of her work featured at 3 Monkeys.  But for more of her work, you can connect with Susan on Facebook at Suerena’s Glass Art.

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In addition to Susan’s works, here is just a sampling of some of the amazing finds and incredible craftsmanship from a group of wonderful people and talent that make up 3 Monkeys Antiques.

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